Black Girls in Tech x Love Circular Partnership


Representation matters. We're proud to announce our partnership with Black Girls in Tech to grow education and an opportunity-rich future.

Together, we'll provide and create opportunities for Black Women interested in breaking into the tech industry by offering competitions and discounts.


It's imperative for us as a mission-led company to hold ourselves accountable for our responsibility to educate people from underrepresented communities. Founded, to level the playing field and break down barriers to entry to design and tech careers, we're proud to announce that we've partnered up with BGiT. Our partnership with Black Girls in Tech was created to enrich and encourage Black women interested in transitioning into a Design & Technology careers.

Black Girls in Tech are a team of 8 incredible black women developing a safe space community, providing educational resources, and offering professional opportunities. Recently launching their website, they've opened up the opportunity for the public to sign up to be a member of their community.

Our partnership with BGiT comes when diversity and inclusion are a scorching hot talking point for companies and industries. By working together, we believe we'll be able to usher many more black women through the doors to careers in design and technology, thus creating a more levelled playing field, improving representation for today and tomorrow's society.

Giveaway and discount

To celebrate the partnership, we're having a Twitter giveaway for free space on our UXUI13 Design Course next month, where anyone who follows the instructions in the post can enter.

Giveaway link:

All Black Girls in Tech members will now receive a 5% discount off when enrolling at Love Circular. On top of that, we will donate 5% of the course price to BGiT to improve opportunities for Black Women interested in tech. Sign up to Black Girls in Tech to redeem this discount code.