Junior UX/UI Designer


You want to get into UX/UI? Here's what you need to know!

How to become a Junior UX/UI Designer

There are many different ways to learn UX/UI to land yourself a junior role. Some designers decide to join online bootcamps and courses or get formal training. And some decide to be self-taught instead. Now, which one is best? There is no right or wrong answer to this, it’s all up to you!

Free options

There are some pro’s and con’s of free online courses:

Pro: Time and location flexibility. It’s all in your hands so you can do them as and when you want, perfect for busy schedules

Con: With less accountability, investment, and commitment, Motivation tends to be lower and so completion rates tend to be low too

Pro: High quality courses available for free, you can still learn a lot from them

Con: Lacks the community aspect and personalised attention as many free courses don’t provide access to others on the course

Here are some free online courses we’ve heard great things about:

FigmaLearn Design Pilot
Figma is Love Circular’s design tool of choice! They created free online design content for beginners. The course covers a variety of subjects within 12 lessons and 5 design exercises.

Google —  UX Design Certificate
This course, hosted on Coursera, is a professional certificate developed by Google. It teaches the foundations of UX design, including empathising with users, building wireframes and prototypes, and conducting research to test your designs. All in under 10 hours of study a week.

Future LearnDigital Skills: User Experience Course
Future learn provides hundreds on free and paid online courses including a UX course by Accenture. It covers the foundations of UX design and the UX design process over 3-weeks with an estimated effort of 2 hours a week. 

Youtube is the second largest search engine with over 500 hours of video being uploaded every minute! There are many videos available talking you through the different aspects of UX and UI, from general overviews to detailed tutorials. There’s lots to learn!

Paid options 

Here are some pros and cons to paid courses:

Pro: They are still flexible and self-paced but with higher completion rates because of the financial investment

Con: They cost money, and price ranges may vary

Pro: More specific design training on specialty topics

Con: Quality of paid courses is hard to gauge

If self-teaching is not your thing, there are plenty of paid options to learn UX/UI online. 

Love Circular’s 13-week UX/UI bootcamp provides the tools and skills needed to become an entry-level UX/UI designer with no prior design experience.

Each lesson will give you critical insight into the UX/UI theory, industry practices and working knowledge to develop your unique design process. Then, once the bootcamp is complete, you will have ongoing support from our UX/UI professional instructors and post-graduation careers support & job alerts. You will also have access to our community of talented designers at various stages in their careers!

Junior Roles

UX/UI is a broad and expanding field better described as a spectrum. The roles can generally be divided into 4 categories: Interface, Research, Information and Strategy.

Role expectations

The exact duties may vary depending on your role and the type and size of company you work for. 

Junior designers tend to work alongside a team of designers but still have their own workload

Here are some examples of things you may do as a junior UX/UI designer:

  • conduct user research and usability testing,
  • organise and analyse research findings for a better understanding of user insight,
  • assist in wire-framing, sketching, prototyping, and creating user flows.

Who's hiring?

A survey by LinkedIn found that UX/UI designers are in the top 8 of the most in demand careers in the digital marketing field and UX design is in the top 5 in demand skills as of 2020  

These industries are the top for hiring designers:

  • Information Tech
  • eCommerce
  • Finance/Insurance
  • Media and Content
  • Enterprise Software

Pretty much any company with a digital product (website, app, online ads etc..) needs a UX/UI designer at some point so it’s possible to work for companies that combine with your other interests! 

E.g. UI Designer for Nintendo, UX researcher for Nike, UX copywriter for Maybelline

Many job descriptions will have a minimum number of years of experience as a requirement however as long as you can demonstrate your skills from your portfolio, this tends to be more important!

Junior salaries

Let’s talk money! How much can a junior UX/UI designer expect?

Glassdoor has reported an average salary of:
£30,142 in the UK ($41,492 USD ; €35,677 EUR)
$50,500 in the US (£36,685 GBP ; €43, 412 EUR)

Our average graduate salary at Love Circular is £35,000 ($48,200 USD ; €41,428 EUR)

Ready to level up? Our next post is all about Mid-weight roles!