Music Teacher to Product Designer – Meet Naomi!



Naomi, a designer from our UXUI3 cohort, has secured her very first UX/UI role as a Product Designer! 🥳

We caught up with her to find out more about her journey from a career in teaching to the newest Product Designer on the block!

So, Naomi...
What did you do before starting your UX/UI journey?

My background is in music. I graduated in 2019 with a degree in Popular Music and Recording and then I wanted to pursue a career in teaching. After joining a teaching agency I realised that teaching was not the career for me despite my love for working with kids and watching them learn.

How did you discover UX/UI?

I discovered UX/UI whilst browsing twitter during lockdown. I was inspired by the #dailyui challenges. Love Circular seemed to pop up on my timeline quite regularly and I was very impressed by the standard of work. After booking my initial call with Kieran to enquire I was very excited to join LC and start my journey into UX/UI design.

Here's one of our favourite designs by Naomi - A trendy music player using gorgeous gradients 🤩

How was the application process?

I started applying for UX/UI roles properly in August and I landed a role early October after 3 interviews including a white boarding challenge.

My Whiteboard challenge was a take home brief in which I was told to spend no longer than 2 hours on. I spent way over the suggested time because I needed to stand out as a candidate. I did research, created user journeys, mind maps and high-fidelity mockups.

I was not going to apply to the role as it said 2 years experience minimum. However the head of product design at the company encouraged me to apply anyway!|

(Spoiler alert: She got the Job!)

How did it feel to apply to something you weren’t qualified for 'on paper'? 

The senior product designer really encouraged me to apply and I was very transparent when telling them that I did not have any professional experience but I love to learn and up-skill. My portfolio and whiteboard challenge also showed my skills as a designer and researcher.

Naomi combined her love of music and teaching with her new UX/UI skills to create this detailed case study 👏

Any advice to students/alumni that are job hunting?

Interviews are nerve wracking in general but the more you prepare yourself and practice the more confident you appear to the interviewer.

My advice to any alumni/current students starting their job hunt is to apply regardless of experience, ultimately my company hired me because they believed I was a good culture fit (A lot of them are musicians and love pets like me!). Also, they have a training budget and really value up-skilling and career progression which I mentioned in my interview.

See more of Naomi's case studies and amazing designs,  via her portfolio below👇

We’re wishing Naomi all the best in her new role! You’ll smash it! 🎉👏