National Thoughtful Day 2021


What is it about?

National Thoughtful Day on August 28th is all about showing the people in our lives that we value them. The idea is to perform thoughtful acts of kindness and goodwill throughout the day that can cause a ripple effect of generosity. 

Thoughtfulness is all about making others feel special, going out of your way to do the things that we may not otherwise make time for. It’s about gaining a new perspective by putting yourself in another person's shoes and thinking of how we can appreciate them with our words and actions.

So, what did we do?

The love circular community is very precious to us. It goes far beyond our UX/UI bootcamp students and alumni, it includes all of our followers, supporters and friends, those that work within the tech space and those who don’t. 

We gave three designers the opportunity to have their portfolio reviewed by a member of our team, a service that is usually reserved for our students and alumni, for an hour, completely free of charge! 

So, we’ve been thinking Thought balloon… Since it’s #NationalThoughtfulDay, we want to give 3 designers the opportunity to have their portfolio reviewed for free, with a 1hour one-to-one feedback session with Kieran! All you have to do it drop us an email  Details below! Downwards arrow

How did it go?


Javies profile was very simple and easy to use, navigating through the portfolio was seamless and the designs presented were of a high quality.

Room for improvement?

There were a few areas that needed some work, due to the simplicity it lacked individuality and failed to separate Javie from any other designer. One of the most common reasons for this is using portfolio building templates, which are restrictive when it comes to customisation.

Secondly, the ‘About’ section was extremely brief, failing to provide information about Javie’s journey into design, her interest, or design process. This leads to a lack of interest from a reader's perspective of wanting to find out more about the person behind the design.

Practical advice!

​​When designing an application or website for someone else, you follow a design process that starts with research. This provides you with useful insights that allow you to create unique designs with the user and business needs in mind.

By following this process, it allows you to explore your creativity whilst still meeting specific objectives that you’re trying to achieve

Want to see Javie’s new and improved page? Click the image below! 👇


Kameron's portfolio was simple and also put a large focus on her design work clearly showcasing her skills & talent to her intended audience.

Room for improvement?

Unfortunately, this portfolio lacked detail, with it being largely image based with very little use of text. This resulted in a lack of context, clarity and a failure to communicate her design process which would play a big part in landing a job within design.

Practical advice!

Go back to basics and figure out why it is important to have a portfolio and what you are trying to achieve by it. In addition to this a key piece of advice is to put equal effort into designing and creating your own portfolio as you would other pieces of work.

After all, your portfolio represents who you are as a designer and will give the initial impression of what type of designer you are. If your portfolio looks like it's been designed lazily, people will assume you're a lazy designer.

Kameron’s portfolio is looking great, have a look below! 👇


Boma's work was exceptional with great detail, explanations and creativity. Her portfolio was simple and even had an e-commerce section that had been integrated to allow her audience to purchase her art work.

Room for improvement?

The issue with this portfolio was the consistency. Whilst Boma’s projects and art work were of a very high quality, her portfolio was a long way behind which led me to question her ability.

It was then discovered that a lot of Boma’s design work had been done in group environments, which could lead me to believe that the work she was showcasing was not really her own. Whilst this wasn't the case, this is what could be falsely assumed by employers thinking about hiring her.

Practical advice!

Sometimes you need to take a step back and rebuild from the ground up. Redesign the portfolio and create it to the same standard as your projects.
Also, you should clearly communicate which tasks you were responsible for in case studies by using language such as "I" instead of "we".

Here’s boma’s new and improved portfolio! Click below! 👇

How can you get involved?

Giving feedback, however small, to your fellow designers is a great way to be thoughtful. Feedback is a way of investing in the growth of others as well as sharpening your own analytical skills!

Any day can be Thoughtful Day! What thoughtful thing will you do today?