Senior UX/UI Roles


We started with Junior UX/UI roles, upgraded to Midweight UX/UI roles, but we’re not finished!

Let’s talk about Senior UX/UI roles!

Skills that show you’re working like a Senior

You may have heard the quote:
“If you want to be a senior designer, start designing like one!”
But what does that really mean?

Seniority often comes down to the number of years of experience. However, much like Junior and Midweight roles, this can be very flexible if you can demonstrate certain skills.

Not all UX/UI roles are design roles, so these skills still apply to all roles:

Time management skills

The ability to manage multiple deadlines for you and your team whilst potentially working on multiple projects at the same time.

Analytical skills

Being able to conduct user needs assessments and analyse both new and existing designs to improve your own designs.

Communication skills

Knowing how to communicate with clients, team members and stakeholders effectively. Also communicating the right messages via your designs too.

Leadership skills

Junior team members should be able to approach you for advice and guidance on their designs based on your own experience. You should also be more responsible by taking ownership of the design process and decisions made.

These skills are a little more design-specific:

Computer skills

Knowing how to use existing design software to execute your design vision as well as quickly picking up new software as the industry leaders constantly evolves.

Artistic ability

Being able to create designs that are artistic and interesting by thinking outside of the box and not being afraid to be bold with your choices.

Technical skills

As a senior, extensive knowledge of design principles such as balance, scale and visual hierarchy is essential. You should also be able to apply design theories like the Golden Ratio or 2x Grid system. 

Senior Roles

UX/UI is a broad and expanding field better described as a spectrum. The roles can generally be divided into 4 categories: Visual Design, Research, Information and Strategy.

Senior roles tend to have similar names to midweight roles, but with the “Senior” title, they come with more responsibility. Most of the time your senior role title will naturally progress from your midweight title.
For example, a Midweight UX Researcher ➡️ A Senior UX Researcher.

You can still pivot slightly at this stage, usually within the same category.
For example, a Midweight Visual Designer ➡️ Senior Interaction Designer
(both of which are within the Visual design category).

Another common path is to pivot at the Midweight level, then upgrade.
For example, a Midweight UX Researcher ➡️ Midweight UX Copywriter ➡️ Senior UX Copywriter.

What's usually expected in these roles

The exact responsibilities of each role may differ depending on the size and type of company you work for. 

Senior designers spend less time on the small details and focus more on designing systems 

Here are some examples of things you may do as a Senior UX/UI designer: 

  • Lead teams by overseeing design processes
  • Implement and interpret A/B testing, gather user feedback and other testing methods
  • Develop wireframes, design interaction models and clickable prototypes
  • Lead presentations to the client and key stakeholders
  • Set goals for the team, make sure deadlines and goals are being met 
  • Handle complex and critical projects


What companies are hiring?

A survey by LinkedIn found that UX/UI designers are in the top 8 of the most in demand careers in the digital marketing field and UX design is in the top 5 in demand skills as of 2020.

These industries are the top for hiring designers: 

  • eCommerce.
  • Information Tech.
  • Finance/Insurance.
  • Media and Content.
  • Enterprise Software.

Pretty much any company with a digital product (website, app, online ads etc.) needs a UX/UI designer at some point so it’s possible to work for companies that combine with your other interests!

E.g. Senior Interaction Designer at GymShark

Senior roles work especially well in large companies with a team of UX/UI Designers, as well as start-ups or smaller companies with only one or two UX/UI Designers.

Just like junior and midweight roles, job descriptions for senior roles may still have a minimum number of years of experience as a requirement, however, as long as you can demonstrate the skills required in your portfolio and the experience you have, the years tend to be less important!

Senior salaries 

Let’s talk cash! How much can these Senior UX/UI roles expect to earn on average?

Senior UX/UI Designer
£68,123 in the UK ($92,343 USD ; €79,704 EUR)
$102,153 in the US (£75,360 GBP ; €88,171 EUR)

Senior UX Researcher
£55,268 in the UK ($74,799 USD ; €64,617 EUR)
$120,000 in the US (£88,666 GBP ;  €103,575 EUR)

Senior UX Copywriter
£43,747 in the UK ($59,226 USD ; €51,162 EUR)
$104,000 in the US (£76,819 GBP ; €89,843 EUR)

Not bad, eh?