Student Design Challenge - All Black Everything!


We've been having some fun in our Community Slack channel with our new monthly Student Design Competition! 🎨🤪

Our theme for October was "All Black Everything"— whatever that means to you!

Once the entries were in and submission was closed, we got our very own Chief of Vibes, Zaire, and our amazing instructor, Rya, to review the designs and decide on the winner!

The designs were reviewed based on 3 aspects: 

  • Story - What problem are you solving with your design? How useful is it?
  • Accessibility - Can it be used by people with a wide range of disabilities?
  • Visual design - How visually appealing is it? Layout, colours, text, etc.

Watch the full review on YouTube!

Janita - The Black Book Club

Janita came in strong with not one but two versions of her social reading app 😍

“Hey Everyone 👋
Here is what I did for monthly design challenge theme #AllBlackEverything.
I decided to centre my design around books as I've read a lot more books this year, all by Black authors.

The concept is a social reading app where you can discover Black authors, have clubs and discuss books, create challenges and read within the app.
You can also keep track of books you've read and make purchases.

I designed a few screens:
- Spotlight - which shows book recommendations
- Clubhouse - where you would find all of the clubs you are part of and discover new clubs
- Your Library
- Search results

I created both a light and dark mode version.”

The judges loved Janita’s idea, especially the social, book club aspect of it. It would be great for kids as well as adults looking for more books by black authors.

The buttons are a great size and well-spaced.
However some of the text was a little too small and the chevron was quite hard to see.

Visual Design
The judges loved the consistency between slides. More attention to detail in terms of the spacing, symmetry and alignment would improve this design. The light and dark mode really won them over with the extra effort!

Total: 12.5/15

Victoria - AfroEats

Victoria’s colour palette really stood out from the crowd and her design made us a little hungry! 🤤

“Hey, This is my submission for the competition 🙂

I created this concept of a food delivery app which exclusively promoted African and Caribbean cuisine: AfroEats (I didn't spend a long time on the name). 

‘All Black Everything’ to me meant “create something that centred around the culture”. This is also an app that needs to exist soon and something I would personally use.
I took my design inspo from Figma templates and food delivery apps that already exist.”

The judges loved the name! They liked that Victoria didn’t interpret the theme ‘All Black Everything’ as a colour, rather, leaned into Black culture instead.

The “dismiss” text on the button lacked contrast and may not pass AAA accessibility standards. The red text could also be hard to read. However, the button sizes were great and the app looks easy to use!

Visual Design
Victoria has a really creative eye, even designing her own iconography for the brand is great attention to detail. Zaire even said as she strengthens she’s “going to be a problem”. What a compliment 👏

Total: 12.5/15

Temitope - Halloween 404 Page

Temitope gave us a 3-in-1 design as her submission. Killing 3 birds with one stone, we love the efficiency! 🤩

“Hello 👋
Here's my submission for the "All Black Everything" challenge. My interpretation of the challenge - make a design using all black for the design.

Colour black can be associated with mystery, power, elegance, sophistication. In contrast black could [also] mean sadness or anger. Black is also linked to death, mourning, evil magic and darkness. For this challenge, black meant mystery, evil magic and darkness to me.

This is like a 3-in-1 design as it covers for my daily UI 008 -404 page, seasoned designed -Halloween and also the All Black Everything design challenge.

I made use of Black in various tints and shades using the Figma plugin ‘Tints and Shades’ to generate the respective tints and shade for colour black (#000000).
Also, AAA colour contrast requirements were met. Thanks”

The design definitely fits the theme. More context around the design would have been great as it’s unclear what kind of app this would be for.

Having met AAA standards, there’s really only one score we can give Temitope! It’s a five!

Visual Design
The typography stands out and fits the theme perfectly. Even having a Serif font on the call to action button is extra edgy! Making the O’s in the word ‘room’ the eyes on the ghost is very creative.

Total: 12.5/15

And now… The winner…

✨ Habib - Dreams ✨

Habib won the judges over with his clean lines and attention to detail! Fantastic design and great idea. Congratulations Habib! 🥳

“Hey 👋
The monthly design challenge theme is #AllBlackEverything in line with Black History Month.

After some thought around what to design, I came up with an application called Dreams (not the bed shop 😂).
The idea was inspired by Yelp and is mainly focused around the idea of finding black owned businesses and organisations to support.

I designed a few simple UI pages:
- Splash Screen
- Onboarding
- Sign Up
- Login
- Enable Location
- Landing Page”

The app is quite unique with not many things like it on the market. It fit the theme in more ways than one; the colour scheme and the focus on black-owned businesses.

Great sized buttons, even spacing and clear, contrasting colour palette. Icons to indicate what users need to do were a great addition.

Visual Design
The judges loved the consistency between slides. The combination of Serif and San Serif typefaces was ambitious, and yet, Habib pulled it off!

Total: 14.5/15

Habib came first and won a £50 Amazon voucher

Janita, Victoria and Temitope came joint second and each received a £25 Amazon voucher 🎉

Coming up…

The November Student Design Challenge is underway! The theme?

Winter Is Coming.