Student Design Challenge - Winter is Coming!


We’re back with another round of our Student Design Challenge! 🎨🤪

Our theme this time was "Winter is Coming"— whatever that means to you!

Once the entries were in and submission was closed, we got our very own Chief of Vibes, Zaire, and our talented student-turned-instructor, Fusibi, to anonymously review the designs and decide on the winner!

The designs were reviewed based on 3 aspects: 

  • Story - What problem are you solving with your design? How useful is it?
  • Accessibility - Can it be used by people with a wide range of disabilities?
  • Visual design - How visually appealing is it? Layout, colours, text, etc.

Watch the full review on YouTube!

Chioma - Winter Warmer Recipes

Chioma took on a food blog page to showcase some winter warmer recipes and it turned out delectable! 🤤

“Hello all!  For this months #studentdesignchallenge, the theme was ' Winter is coming'. I decided to create a food blog page to showcase some 'winter warmer' recipes. 🍵

I initially wanted to create an app for plant care in the winter but I decided to go for a food blog instead. I chose this idea because I love food, and as we approach winter I tend to stay home and cook/bake a lot. I decided to build on this theme of  being at home during the winter as the inspiration for the challenge.

I used a lot images that reflect the food blog aesthetic, and these are more likely to appeal to the users. The images I used also fit in with the theme of winter because they are seasonal e.g. root vegetables. I did some research into colour pallets typically used in the food blogging world, and I chose to have quite dark colours in keeping with the theme of winter, it also reinforces feelings of being cozy.

I also used smalls hints of red, as this is something commonly associated with the food industry, it also evokes feelings of passion, desire and love. I kept the layout/ui of the blog quite simple to allow to user to navigate to various pages on the blog with ease.”

The idea behind the design is solid, you managed to paint a picture of comfort and warmth with your design and it’s something many people would enjoy using in the winter.

Chioma thought of many different details to aid accessibility, from pagination to colour contrast and text weights! Watch out for images needing an overlay to avoid issues with accessibility.

Visual Design
Overall awesome design! Very intentional design choices particularly with colours and images. More attention to the finer details especially with alignment and uniformity will take this to the next level!

Total: 19/30

Chioma came in close 3rd with her delicious recipe blog and won a £10 Amazon voucher 🎊

Faduma - Ayeeyo’s Blends

Faduma's redesign of a black-owned business that provides tea spices is exactly what we need for winter 🤩

“Hey Guys 👋

For this months winter challenge , I chose to base my work on a site redesign for a black owned business. Ayeeyo’s Blends is a business that provides tea spices and I thought this was fitting because what’s better than keeping warm this winter with a cup of tea 😄☕️

In my redesign, one of my main targets was to create a more effective user journey. To achieve this, I incorporated Hicks Law and created a purchase now CTA button on the landing page so the user can purchase instantly.This not only helps to prevent the user from feeling overwhelmed but also increases sales.

I kept the colour palette minimal and went for black, white and grey mainly with the aim of creating a lux elegant feel. It also helped me draw more focus onto the product itself, helping to attract the customer.

The business currently only offers  one product, I wanted to draw attention away from that. To do so I created some tabs and an events page so that it could increase user activity to the website. This really helps with engagement and allows for a sense of community.

I tried to keep my work as inclusive as possible and took into consideration the topic of accessibility. The 3 designs I have submitted meet the AAA colour contrast requirements.”

The judges loved how Faduma captured the theme with this design. The idea of settling down with a hot cup of tea from Ayeeyo’s Blends sounds soothing!

The black and white colour scheme provides great contrast. The text is legible and the use of colours has been done well.

Visual Design
The spacing and sizing of the elements was very strong. Great work!
The events page had two contrasting ways to navigate the page which may be confusing.

Total: 20/30

Faduma came in 2nd place with her tea brand redesign, winning herself a £25 Amazon voucher 🎉

And now… The winner…

✨ Kimberley - GOT: A Clash of Kingdoms ✨

Kimberley’s creation of a fight-style gaming app for the hit TV series, Game of Thrones, went down well with the judges ⚔️

“Hey Everyone,

I went very on the nose with the theme and designed a Game of Thrones mobile fight game called Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kingdoms.

I decided to mock-up the loading pages, character and location selection pages and a fight scene. I'm definitely not an illustrator but I had a lot of fun trying to learn some of the tools whilst creating these pages!

To create the colour palette, I ran a couple of stills from the show through a colour picker and used that as the basis for my visual design. My aim was to capture both the bluey-grey moodiness of a lot of the scenes set in Winterfell and the richer bolder colours of the scenes set in King's Landing, without it looking disjointed. I found that creating textured and gradient overlays to use across the design helped bring the colours together in a way that just the solid flat colours couldn't.

As someone who wastes a lot of Sundays playing fighting games on my phone, I'd never really thought about the potential accessibility issues that might crop up for other users. I tried to create clear pressed button states, which I found some games lacked. I also added in a voice control feature for any users with mobility issues. So instead of pressing the move forward or sword icon, users could instead  say "forward" or "sword" into the microphone.

Overall, I tried to keep the interface simple and keep the options minimal as the last thing you want to do when you're trying to play a game is be frustrated before the game even starts.”

The story is very relatable based on the fact that it stems from Kimberley’s own gaming experiences. Fusibi even mentioned that if he came across this game in his app store, he would try it out!

The large buttons and location of the most used buttons and arrow keys are very thoughtfully placed.
However the font choice, although very on brand, is questionable as to how accessible they are.

Visual Design
The colours used match the theme of Game of Thrones really well, down to the sheen of the buttons relating to swords and shields. The judges loved the illustrations, especially hearing that you designed them yourself!

Total: 26/30

You won the judges over with the Game of Thrones theme and detailed illustrations, winning you a £50 Amazon voucher! 🥳

Congratulations to you all! 

Coming up…

The February Student Design Challenge… what will the theme be? 👀❤️