UX/UI15 Design Course

Learn UX and UI Design with our project-based course built to take you from zero experience to job-ready in 97-days. From £399 per month (6 months).

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Why UX/UI Design?

UX/UI is an industry of the future. Technological advancements in this space has been an ever growing need on organisations

These Organisations need digital skills in UI/UX to further solve real world issues, making their products & services more intuitive and customer centric.

As a UI/UX Designer, you'll learn to see the world through the lens of a problem solver.

And with Love Circular, we'll provide you with these skills.

About the course

This is a 13 week course that will provide you with all the tools and skills required to become a UX/UI professional.

Start and end date: Tuesday, 3 August 2021 to Tuesday, 9 November 2021.
Session days and time: Tuesday & Thursday 6pm - 8pm

As a UI/UX Designer, you'll learn to see the world through the lens of a problem solver.

Our lessons are designed to give you key insights into the UX/UI industry and working knowledge on how to develop your own unique design process. This course has three major categories that on UX methodologies, UI fundamentals and accessibility design.

What you'll learn

  • Core design principles to apply to your products, apps and more
  • How to present your ideas, research and case studies confidently
  • Effective time management skills to take with you to your new role
  • Interview techniques to land that job
  • How to build your kick-ass CV and industry ready portfolio
  • How to develop your personal brand to spread your message to the world

You will have on-going support from our UX/UI profession instructors and

✅ 1 year of access to expert-crafted online material

✅ Love Circular Slack community of peers, which will allow you to grow your network and receive feedback on your awesome design work.

✅ Access to events [workshops, design critiques and catch ups] throughout the year

✅ Post-graduation careers support & job alerts

Course Content

User Experience

  • UX design process
  • Research
  • Flow prototyping
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Accessibility + Usability
  • User testing

User Interface

  • Colour theory
  • Typography
  • Negative space
  • Consistency
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Complexity vs Implicity
  • Design systems
Portfolio building
Case studies
Design community
Interview skills
Design critique sessions
Career coaching


Lovecircular are fantastic. I did the UX/UI course with them, and had 0 background in design prior to joining the training. They teach you everything you need to become a skilled designer - from practical design skills to soft skills and how to market/brand yourself, which is so so important for any designer especially when you're just starting out. I loved that we got to start designing from day one, and let me tell you the growth is exponential. Your skills and quality of your work will do what gamestop shares did that one day in January 2021 - skyrocket. But my favourite bit is the community. Everyone is just so lovely and supportive, you honestly feel like part of one big family of designers uplifting each other. All in all - this is a very thorough and accessible training for everyone, no matter what your background is. Lovecircular are changing lives with their mission.


Joining Love Circular was the best decision I made! The team are amazing and help you from day one and even after you graduate. You are provided with amazing resources and the lessons are well paced and you work with great like-minded people. The community is overall amazing and the support is always there which is important when then looking for a job. After Love Circular I am working as a freelance UX/UI designer and have been able to increase my daily rate too which is great for me! I will always recommend Love Circular to anyone that is looking to transition into UX/UI, you won't regret it


Great course. I didn’t know anything about UX design and with the help of the course and community which I always have access to, I’ve been able to start working within the industry. Completed the course in 3 months, had my first UX freelance gig a month later.


I can’t recommend this course enough. The tutors are knowledgeable & friendly, the material’s easy to digest and the community’s supportive and international. P.s. the support continues long after graduation too!


Love Circular managed to help me pivot to a new career during a global pandemic! They're building a great community where people can get a foothold in UX plus they are super kind, friendly people too


Love Circular is great for anybody who is sure they want to get into UX/UI design. The course itself is detailed and engaging, the support you receive from mentors and the love circular community is amazing. A team of genuine, lovely people.


Overall was a very rewarding experience, the knowledge and skills I have gained from this course have been incredible. The course structure is very simple and straightforward and makes the process of learning even easier.


Love Circular is a good platform for those who know nothing about UX/UI design and are looking for structured learning with practical application. It offers a basic foundation to propel you into the world of design, but the course requires commitment and effort on your part. You get out what you put in. Would recommend to anyone who is considering getting into the tech/design industry and doesn’t know where to start. Affordable price point with good payment plan options. A variety of experienced mentors to learn from who offer constructive feedback.


Amazing course and amazing team. The course covers all bases and you get support from a whole community of designers at all levels so you’re really getting an all in one. I’d 1000% recommend to anyone considering a career in UX/UI design.


A really great company dedicated to getting the best out of every student that comes its way. My experience with Love Circular has been life changing, they have helped me in every aspect of my UX journey and I am really grateful. They really helped me to refine my CV, portfolio and with the skills needed to land my first job.


This time last year I didn’t know what UX/UI design was but that all changed when I joined Love Circular’s first cohort. Being part of the trial and error group helped build a foundation for me in understanding UX/UI so I can only imagine how great the course is now. I’m able to take on design projects I would never have thought I’d be able to do and connect with and learn from incredible designers. Post course support has also been great from Kieran the ever helpful! Always on hand for interview prep and a little pep talk when imposter syndrome sets in! I was complimented on my CV the other day and it was definitely down to him making me do a bunch of tweaks all those months ago


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